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Valkyrie is Making Serious Drinks

Valkyrie is making serious drinks in the Brady district of downtown Tulsa. It is rather small and depending on the night may even have a line outside to get in. They serve a few snacks but this is definitely more of a cocktail bar than a restaurant.

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Because there are so many unique attributes that make Valkyrie great, I have decided to list them rather than make one long run-on sentence.

1. Extremely talented bartenders who love their job. This is not just a summer job for these guys, most of them have been working at Valkyrie for years. Their experience, creativity, technique, precision, and attention to detail makes them some of the best around. Test them out if you would like by giving them a list of attributes you enjoy in a drink (fizzy, tart, bitter, sweet, etc.). They will immediately create an off the menu, unique drink just for you.

2. Multiple made from scratch ingredients such as my favorite- Ginger beer, actually brewed and fermented in house.

3. The Moscow Mule- made with the aforementioned home brewed Ginger beer, Vodka and Lime. Stirred, not shaken.

4. Great location in the Brady District within a block of many excellent restaurants such as The Tavern on Brady, Bull in the Alley/The Lounge, Laffa and Prhyme. We generally go there to have a drink or three before dinner.

5. The Chalkboard behind the bar is used to list cocktails, beer and wine by the glass with a library ladder used to write on it because it’s about ten feet tall.

6. Perfect block shaped ice cubes create an old fashioned look to new fashioned drinks.

7. Sherry. The only place I know of that treats fortified wines with the respect they deserve. Please ask for Read's suggestions (he is Valkyrie's Sherry expert).

Address- 13 E Brady St, Tulsa, OK 74103
Phone- 918-295-2160

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Photos by Molly Thompson
Written by Tyler Thrasher and Erik Paulson

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