Salt and Limes

Ephemere La Fin Du Monde

Overall Rating- 85


Style- Tripel

Quebec, Canada

Alcohol content-
9% AVB

750ml corked and caged bottle.

Look- 18/25
Head is 1 finger and thin white.
Head retention is moderate.
Lacing is absent.
Color is transparent and golden.
Legs are thin.

Smell- 22/25
Clove, bread, pepper and sweet fruit.

Feel- 25/25
Body is medium
Carbonation is high, sharp and crisp with very small bubbles similar to a champagne.

Taste- 20/25
Initially, complex spiciness with strong clove and black pepper.
Middle transforms to banana and yeast.
Finishes sweet and like apricot.

I finished the entire bottle on a Monday night. I would definitely buy it again.
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